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Porcelain: A Contemporary Cultural Touchstone 瓷器——现当代文化的试金石 Nancy Selvage, 2012 山东菏泽有着一千年的制瓷史,它地处南中国,特有的地理环境为它提供了丰富的原材料,几个世纪的瓷土和釉料生产技术的发展,大规模定烧御用瓷,
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China Society for Anthropologies of Art is a national first grade society; it is a legally registered, nationwide, and non-profit social academic community, which engages in the study of art anthropology-related issues. 
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Curriculum Vitae of Lili Fang Education: 1996—1998, doing postdoctor research in Postdoctor Mobile Institute of Sociology & Anthropology, Peking University, gaining postdoctor degree 1993—1996, studying in Dept. of Fine Art History, 
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Even in a remote mountainous area in GuizhouMiaoVillage, the impact of globalization is felt everywhere. The establishment of the Ecomuseum accelerated the opening up process of these villages. Young males and middle-aged labourers have gone out to work in the cities , They left their traditional cultural envirorments and entered into
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